A Journey of Three Degrees by A.L. Kent

A Journey of Three Degrees by A.L. Kent takes place in the lively little university town of Riverside.

A Journey of Three Degrees
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Anna is only two hours away from her parents’ home but in a world all her own. Focused on her studies and plans for traveling internationally after graduation, the normally non-romantic Anna is completely caught off guard by an uncharacteristic captivation that takes hold of her on the first day of her final semester, when she sees her French professor. Though she tries to deny it, Anna’s attraction grows and threatens to throw her into the arms of her best friend, Justin. The greatest guy she knows, or worse, into an academic indiscretion.

Can Anna stay the course and finish her college career strong? Or, will her heart pull her where she knows she does not belong?

Will two weeks in France help Anna recapture the desires that inspired her to pursue her degree so she can work overseas? Or, will the romance of being immersed in all things French deepen her desire for her teacher? A Journey of Three Degrees is an emotional story full of twists and turns, from the warmth of a small town to an inspirational sojourn abroad, and ultimately to self-discovery through education, travel, history, supportive friends and family, passion, romance, heartache, faith, and love.

Meet A.L. Kent
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Author A. L. Kent is an up-and-coming indie author currently of Women’s Fiction, with her debut book- A Journey of Three Degrees- and its recently published sequel- 360 Degrees Home. Kent has already drafted future Women’s Fiction stories but also plans to release in other genres. She is currently working on a Mystery/Suspense novel. An avid reader and lover of all things creative, Kent enjoys supporting fellow authors as well as artists, actors, musicians, jewelry and clothing designers, chefs, etc.


“This book is very much a journey into realism. Author AL Kent brings the reader through the everyday life of a young woman in college with vivid first-person narrative that takes you into the character’s mind. This novel challenges the line between lust and love, and then makes a huge connection to the importance of our global interconnectedness in history.  A deviation of only three degrees can make a world of difference.” ~ Sweetbooks on Amazon

“A journey of self-discovery. Her first encounter with her love interest was so cleverly written — it was overwhelmingly pleasant. I really loved the opening paragraph which from the onset invites the reader to also retrospectively ponder about life, just like the main character does. Anna is a passionate, intelligent woman who is thirsty for knowledge and finding her place in the world.” ~ Anthea on Amazon

“The protagonist’s journey from youth into adulthood is full of obstacles and ‘trials.’ Anna (conveyed by Kent in 1st person) shifts from the relative shelter of home/college life to the ‘reality’ of ‘being-in-the-world; with ‘others.’ It is a journey of understanding and transformation. It is a matrix of realism and idealism themed around love, friends, relationships, family, women’s fiction, and romance.” – Leah

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