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Steel and Magic series by Melanie Leon book 2 is here. “Take him and run.” The last words of Jake’s mother urged him to save his brother Louie. Jake and Louie get thrown into the outside world, where Jake learns his skill with a sword can save their lives, and Louie, gifted with elemental magic, soon learns his magic is part of something much bigger: a world of spirits that wage a war of their own.

Steel and Magic Series
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Book, One of the Steel and Magic series, is a story of brotherly trust and devotion, along with some quirky characters in the mix. With the dark corners of the world against them, Jake and Louie must flee across Elabrium. Nowhere is safe.

The necrom is after Louie. The only way the necrom can increase their numbers is to capture and possess more adepts. After centuries of the necrom pillaging, adepts are scarce. The necrom wants Louie and won’t stop until they capture him.

The brothers have nowhere to go except for Maldra, the last stronghold before the necrom settlement. For centuries, necrom have picked Maldra apart, ensnaring adepts and converting them to their nefarious cause. The people of Maldra are wary, keeping their loved ones close and city walls guarded.

To protect him and Jake, Louie must evoke the fifth element: the element of spirits. With three seraphs on his side, Louie wields magic more powerful than ever before. Even so, his and Jake’s journey to Maldra is perilous. They keep to the shadows, away from watchful eyes as they overcome challenges and face creatures they never knew existed.

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Along their way, they meet Cassie. A fiery brunette with more secrets than Jake and Louie signed on for. The boys’ unlikely friendship with her turns their run-and-hide strategy on its heels. Now, instead of fleeing, Jake and Louie charge headlong down a path to challenge the core of the necrom itself. Their new target is Dretlon Valley, the necroms’ settlement in the crook of the Dusk Mountains. But they won’t be alone.

In Maldra, they meet the audacious Troy. A commoner who has risen to the prestige of a knight. Alongside Troy comes his best friend, Shane. A dark noble with catlike grace and steadfast loyalty. Recently wounded from the loss of their heir, the people of Maldra see Louie as an opportunity to fight back. After years of necrom pilfering Elabrium’s adepts, not many are as powerful as Louie has become. With Jake at his side, he’s nigh unbeatable.

That is, so long as his friend’s lives aren’t hanging in the balance. There’s one thing Jake, Louie, and their newfound friends have in common; they would do anything to protect each other. What they don’t know is that, through self-sacrifice, one in their number just might return Maldra’s greatest weapon. A weapon that could give them the edge to annihilate the necrom settlement. Their journey is fraught with unexpected creatures, friends, and new allies. Aside from tournaments and drakons, Jake and Louie are tested as they’ve never been before. Can they defeat the force that threatens not just Louie, but every adept in Elabrium? Will their allies stand with them against the horde of necrom, whose mere presence threatens not only themselves, but their newfound friends as well?

Meet the Author
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Author Melanie Leon was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta M. A. Leon has been in love with medieval fantasy all her life. Dreams of magic, dragons, maidens, and knights have enthralled her since a young age.

​Medieval literature university classes were among her favorites, as was art history from the medieval to the classical periods. Together, along with her excitement of reading anything written about the medieval period, Melanie has gained a realistic view of the medieval age, and how to tweak it into something new.

Action, peril, strategy, and determination fill her books. Determination for life, for friends, and for doing what no one else dares to do.

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