Dear Diary… Let All That You Do

So today I decided to feature this powerful verse: “Let all that you do be done in love.”
Today marks the middle of the week and I decided that today everything I love I’ll do with love. Don’t get me wrong usually everyday no matter what I’m doing I always try and stay positive and to make a difference in someone’s life no matter how big or small. But sometimes with the day-to-day hustle and bustle we sometimes forget why we started what we love in the first place.
Sometimes the things we view as little make a huge difference in someone’s life. Even if it’s as small as liking’ their Facebook post.
So today and everyday make a point to “Let all that you do be done in love.” You’ll be surprised how big of a difference it can make in a person’s life, no matter how big or small your act of love is!

The Ballerina Shaped Nails

So as you know I love nails. I am always paying attention to the latest celebrity nail trend and I love nail art! And you know I love pinterest inspired nails!
Well I’m sure you’ve seen the Kardashian nails as well as other celebrities rocking a new shaped nail! I’ve been searching for what it is known for and it’s called the Ballerina Shaped Nail or the Coffin nail design.

It’s a mix between the almond nail shape and the square nail shape. I’m thinking of trying this new nail shape but I’m a little hesitant as you have to keep them long to achieve this nail shape. I love acrylic nails but when they are long, I can’t do a lot of my day-to-day actives because I’m very active.
I know a lot of you guys have written in and I too was curious how to shape the nail for this design. Luckily I came across one of my favorite nail artists on Youtube and she did an amazing video on how to achieve this look.
Comment below! What do YOU think of this nail trend?! Have YOU TRIED it? Should I give it a try?!

Falling into Fall

I decided to kickstart my fall wardrobe with this all new dress arrival! I love this mustard color shift dress and I love the tribal accent detail! I paired it with my black Target booties I got last year and I love how it tied the fall fashion into place.
insta 1

What I LOVE most about this dress is the color! I don’t have anything in my wardrobe this color and it gave my fashion a fun twist! I’m thinking about adding a solid kimono with it when those cool fall nights start to come.
What do you think of my new dress?! Are you loving it for fall?!

Beauty and the GKey

So I got inspired and me and another artist came up with a GKey designed around Beauty and the Beast. I wanted a key that expressed that message behind the Beauty and the Beast and I wanted whoever wore the key to spread that message through their journey.
Beauty and the GKey is one of my favorite designs. It has a solid all gold glitter background and it’s accented with red roses. I think that gives it that fairytale feel I love. No only only does this GKey represent to look past what people look like, but I’m hoping when whoever wears this amazing GKey design that they hold the key to their journey and find what makes them the happiest.
What do you all think of this necklace design? Click image above to be the one to purchase this amazing key necklace!

LOVE or LEAVE this Fall Nail Art

Fall is almost here and I’m already on Pinterest going through all the new fall nail ideas. I have to say I’m loving all the fall colors and fall nail art. I came across the nail design above and I’m thinking of doing this new nail design!
I want to get the acrylic nails, I just saw a girl who had acrylic nails from a new nail salon and I have to say I really want to go and give them a try. They where perfectly shaped and not too thick. I stopped ever trying acrylic nails because they hurt or the nail tech did they way to thick and I could never even pick anything up!
What do you think of this new fall nail design?! Should I give it a try?!

Coming to Netflix

So I was going my Facebook feed the other night and I came across an article listing all the new movies coming to Netflix in the next few weeks.
I decided to click it and go through all the new movies being added and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Movies from fast the furious to NCIS to Once Upon a Time even to new movies never-been-released such as Honey 3. Yes, you heard that right!
I’m sure we all remember Honey featuring Jessica Alba. I think I saw that at least fifty times, not even counting when I come across it being on television! But yes they made yet another one that is being released on Netflix and DVD September 6th! But being apart of Netflix you don’t have to pay twice to see even new movies being released which I have to say I’m loving!
But at the same time I do love DVD’s and love my collection so at the same time I don’t want DVD’s to stop coming out!

So above is the official trailer for Honey 3, let me know what you think?! Do you think it will be as good as the first or just another sequel that isn’t as good as the first?!