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Hey Bookish Besties! I’ve been getting so many messages about my journey at Harvard that I decided to dedicate one of my Dear Carly-Rae chats about it! I picked five […]

Tessa Bailey Summer Romcom Reads I recommend are—It Happened One Summer and Hook, Line, and Sinker. Basically, I discovered these books on bookstagram. All my bookish besties started posting It […]

Ever since I started learning the process while I strive to write a manuscript that is ready to query. Honestly, it has been a struggle learning the ins and outs of editing on my own and relying on Google to answer my questions.

Rude Awakenings by Peter C. Mitchell from FROM SLEEPING ROUGH   A new non-fiction book by Peter C. Mitchell with his experiences on Life in the streets! Set for release December […]

Upcoming December Events are here. I am so excited to announce my upcoming Book Hour authors that will be appearing as well as authors that will appear on HeyitsCarlyRae Youtube […]

Breaking Legs Trailer Read it later

The latest movie I have watched that I’m reviewing is called Breaking Legs. This movie is for the tween to teen audience and is a dance centered movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH1iYI8qlwM The […]

Ballet BABY Read it later

So a lot of you all of been writing in or snapping me asking me what I use on my eyes. Well, here’s a secret tip: I have been using […]