Sunday July 24th, Dear Diary… Read it later

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Dear Diary…

As I was thinking about to share with all of you as I drove over the giant bridge I always drive over to work, it suddenly dawned on me.
You know when you first start a business (for example my GKeys) or you have an idea and your so excited about it you announce it to everyone. But for some reason your met with reasons why you shouldn’t do it, or you hear criticism from people you know or don’t about what’s wrong with the idea.
It hurts.
Some people realize they hurt your feelings but most don’t care and state it anyway.
When I first realized my Gkey designs¬†I heard people that I knew or don’t give me reasons of how to improve the idea or what was wrong with it.
It was hard at first because like you know when you do something new you are praying that everyone will like it, but the fact is not everyone will like your idea, but that’s okay. The perfect thing about a business or idea is it isn’t meant to appeal to everyone.
When you have your heart in your work you want your work to touch just one person that way it does you when you create it.
So today I wanted to sign-off by saying, don’t lose your spirit or idea just because someone doesn’t like it. I kept my vision for my Gkeys because it helped me get through my journey and find my path. I wanted to pass that along to everyone and now I am so blessed by the success of the Gkey line!
So today, Sunday, feel inspired and give that idea you might have stopped dead in it’s tracks because someone criticized another chance. Be inspired today. Change the world today.

xoxo- HeyitsCarlyRae

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