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Did you know in the last 200 years, the shark species in the Mediterranean Sea has declined by 97%? Total over 100 million sharks are lost every year. Sharks are also the most threatened vertebrates on Earth. It is those scary statistics that made me stop and support Shark Week. I wanted to bring awareness to my readers about sharks to help support the cause.

Before I started to researching the facts, I was scared of sharks. (Well full disclosure I still am, especially knowing their bites inflict 40,000 pounds of pressure). However, reading about them has made me realize, they need our help. Did you know sharks skin feels like sandpaper? Did you know sharks do not have bones? Did you know not all sharks have the same teeth? Did you know most sharks have good eyesight? Did you know sharks have a sixth sense?

Celebrating 2019 Shark Week wearing Vineyard Vine’s official tee!

Those are only some of the facts, I have discovered. According to scientists sharks also predate humans and dinosaurs, which means this is their planet too. They are essential to the ocean and marine life. We need them, so it is time we start protecting all the species.

What many of my SnapFam wanted to know was what I found most interesting about sharks. Well, what I found most amazing is sharks can hear a mile away and their ears are embedded into their heads!

To show my support for Shark Week I bought a Vineyard Vines Shark Week Shirt. Vineyard Vines partner with Discovery’s Shark Week, which is why I chose to get my official shirt from them. A plus, is this shirt is super comfortable and easy to wash and pack!

Write in and tell me your favorite fun fact about sharks! I will be sharing your questions on my Snapchat (HeyitsCarlyRae)! xoxo

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