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Many of you have written in asking what brand of nail polish I like most for summer. Well, I bought the Summer OPI colors and knew this was the collection I was going to share!

What I always do first is test nail polish colors out. No topcoat added. No nothing. Just the polish and I do my normal activities for the day. It is my way of seeing which is the most durable. I did this with the OPI vs. Essie. Both are pricey, so I wanted to see which would hold up. OPI WON! It stayed on untouched all day. Therefore, I picked the summer collection to share with you.

All the Summer Fun Colors

Each color is unique and gorgeous from Strawberry Margarita to Chopstix and Stones to Do You Sea What I Sea? to Exotic Birds Do not Tweet. The colors are vibrant and need only one to two coats to achieve the color in the bottle. My biggest nail polish pet peeve is when the colors do not apply the same color as in the bottle. They are either too light, too sheer, or too streaky to achieve the right color. Lucky for these colors, I did not run into that problem. All the colors were perfect on and the shimmer added a gorgeous touch!

My favorite color! Do You Sea What I Sea?!

Overall, I rate the summer OPI COLLECTION 5 stars. These are colors you need in your life! My favorite is probably the Do You Sea What I Sea? because that color blue is my favorite color! Which nail polish is your favorite? Write in and let me know! You can also see more on my INSTA @HeyitsCarlyRae

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