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New Gods by Graham McQuade is out now. This novel is the first in the Johnson trilogy. Creatures who aren’t exactly human are found in a cave deep within the Rhône-Alpes in France. This triggers a chain of events while Europe becomes paralyzed by an uncontrollable virus.

New Gods
New Gods by Graham McQuade is out now!

Margaret and Jon are assigned to solve the mystery taking them from Europe all the way to Africa. New Gods is a story of fortitude, bravery, and heart all in the face of hardship.

This novel was my first by author Graham. New Gods is a plot-driven story that is so relevant in today’s society that I was stunned! I loved the atmosphere of the cave and how the characters were tasked with getting to the bottom of this virus. Overall, I enjoyed this first novel and LOVED the ending. The short chapters made it a fast read, and if you know me. You know I love short chapters because it keeps the plot moving, which is exactly what happened in this novel. I definitely recommend giving this a read or adding it to your TBR pile.


With a couple of novels under my belt and a third on the way, I still struggle to see myself as an author.

Because my world is dominated by work and family, writing still feels like a bit of a bolt-on activity. Although around 80% of my downtime is occupied by thoughts of whatever I’m writing. I’m not complaining, I obviously love my family and believe it or not, love my job too!

Time is something that I have never really had enough of. In my world, time is the most valuable commodity.

Meet Author Graham McQuade

But I’m not alone; as an independent author, you have to be the master when it comes to finding time to write. And those times are rarely ideal, late at night, early mornings, and the odd slot over a weekend.

There is a plus side to this; I am never sitting in front of the computer wondering what to write… my head is usually bursting with ideas, and I have stacks of notes that I have taken down when an idea has jumped out on me.

A question that I have been asked a number of times is, ‘why did you start writing?’ A question I imagine all authors (even those that struggle to see themselves as authors) are asked at some point in their journey.

For me, answering this question has been easy. I had a burning desire to do something for my mum.

My mum died tragically in January 1965 at the age of 23, three days before my first birthday, never having the opportunity to fully express herself or make her mark on the world. But because of her unwavering courage, I did.

So, as she breathed life into me, I believed its only right that I breathe life into her memory.

NEW GODS and FIFTEEN DAYS IN MAY are the first two books in a trilogy—a trilogy that is in her birth name, The Johnson Trilogy. Margaret Gwendolyn Johnson, the lead character in these books, was my mother’s name.

Margaret’s character is built from what I learned about my mum over the years. According to family and friends, mum was full of life… brave, funny, caring, and above all, a loving and gentlewoman.

I actually wrote ‘Fifteen Days in May’ (the second book in the Johnson Trilogy) as a stand-alone tribute.

However, the book evolved, and it was clear to me that there was a lot more that needed to be explained about the characters and their relationship with each other, so the Johnson Trilogy was born.

I find writing an incredible outlet, allowing me to enter a world with no limits. And it seems the more you write, the more of your imagination you gain access too. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

If you take the time to read my books, thank you, it means a great deal to me and in a strange way, gives me the opportunity to introduce you to the incredible woman that was my mum.

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