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Mike’s Mourners by Pat Murray is on preorder now!

Mike, the seemingly heartless narcissist, may shock you. He may annoy you, he may even make you laugh, and in the end, he may also make you shed a tear.

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A scampish young man from Shrewsbury, England, falls for an older woman. He starts work as a porter at the local hospital, where she is a Ward Sister.

Working close to dying patients and their grieving families, he realizes he is somehow turned on by the sadness of widows and other female relatives. Acting on his urges, he jauntily sets out on a bold plan to sleep with one hundred grieving women.

His ‘other’ life must stay a secret from his girlfriend and her family. It is a tall order, but he is so charming and able to tackle his project, being subconsciously driven by dark events from his childhood in Shropshire. Starting with Molly, he feistily plows ahead until he meets the widow of a gangster. He quickly realizes she is not the same as his other suitors, as she digs up ghastly memories from his past.

Undaunted, he continues on his quest, taking him as far as Seville and as close as his doorstep. He knows he will never find lasting love from all the women he meets. Nor does he want to. That is until he finds someone different. Someone special. But the course of true love is never going to be straightforward for Mike, especially when he realizes who she is.

Meet the Author!

Pat Murray’s debut novel will be available in May 2020. You can try before you buy by registering your email address on https://www.mikesmourners.com/ When you register, you will receive the first part of Mike’s Mourners for free (.mobi, .epub, or .pdf files available).

Pat is happily married and lives in the North West of England, UK. Now that he has started to write, he can’t stop. Two more novels are in the pipeline (one finished and one soon to be concluded). Stay updated on releases by registering now.

An exclusive excerpt from Mike’s Mourner’s is below!

“Are you ok, Molly?”

“Oh, you know, stressed by it all, not sure I should be down here.” At that moment, she looked at Mike.

“It was my father, here just a few weeks ago….”

“I am so sorry…”

Mike leaned in. “It’s a strange time, the waiting, isn’t it?”

Molly nodded, her eyes beginning to water.

“I loved my dad. I am always going to miss him. It was always me and my dad. He was the best ever…” Mike’s eyes began to water. Which was quite something because he had never had a dad. Well, someone was around until he was about five years old. He called him dad, he remembers. But then he disappeared. Mike’s mother said, in a matter of fact manner, that he had died. Later in life, Mike reckoned he had just scarpered or was kicked out. He wasn’t that sure he was his real dad anyway, given what his mother was like.

Mike was happy to feed Molly as many lies as it took.

“It was like that with grandad… it was just him and me for so long, probably something to do with me being the baby of the family.”

“Yeah, I am by myself, no brothers or sisters to share the grief with.”

Molly leant forward and extended her hand towards his side of the table.

Bingo! He was in.

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