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Magi: Commencement by D.M. Borne is a young adult fantasy novel centering around Rowan Dupard. Rowan is a 14-year-old boy who just wanted to enjoy a fishing trip with his father in the Saint-Malo Bayou river. Having his younger brother Nathaniel tag along was bad enough, but when he falls into the river after seeing a shimmering light in the water, things get a lot worse.

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Rowan suddenly finds himself in the realm, unwillingly admitted to Camp Tituba, where young migi learn to develop their magical skills. Rowan never thought magic was real, but for the next 13 weeks of summer he and his new group of friends – Rashi, Zinnia, Ikki, and Tempest – will learn to mine their core stones, care for their paired seahorses, and study fascinating courses that one day will turn them into fully-fledged magi.

But Camp Tituba proves to be an even bigger challenge. As an assimilator, a rare breed of magi incapable of producing their own magic who must assimilate other magi’s powers instead, Rowan is treated with suspicion and distrust by Baba. The intimidating director of the Realm Security Service, and the other students. And when a rogue magus breaches the camp with the intention of capturing Rowan, being careful not to touch his fellow students and bonding with his fearsome temperamental seahorse, Ceffyl Dwr becomes the least of Rowan’s problems.

Meet Author D.M. Borne

Author D. M. Borne is a Louisiana native who was raised in the town of Vacherie, LA. After graduating from high school, D. M. found education to be a great motive for travel and earned degrees in Oklahoma and Maryland. D. M. then returned to Louisiana to pursue a writing career.

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