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How The Last of the Magi by G.S. Eli Came to be. A message from the author G.S. Eli.

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I feel now that The Last of the Magi was always somewhere deep inside of me, even before I knew I was going to write a book. Growing up a Romani boy in America, my parents kept me out of school, as is tradition, so I never formally learned how to read and write or about history for that matter. I did attend some school, but too little to be considered fully literate by anybody’s standards.

My only true education came from sitting in front of the television, watching movies, sitcoms, and the occasional newsreel, and that’s where I would see old black and white footage of Adolf Hitler and Nazis. Although I was too young to know what the Holocaust meant or to understand the Roma involvement, the images would deeply frighten me.

As I grew up, always absorbing what was being projected on the screen, I learned more. I was taught that Hitler and the Nazi movement murdered some six million Jews and countless Roma, because he wanted a pure Aryan race, and believed in white superiority. Even as a child, this did not sit right with me. To better explain, being Romani, I was taught to be more religious than analytical…and I always felt that this deep-seated hatred that the Nazis felt toward non-Aryan groups was more spiritual than the academics and historians would believe.

Novel by G.S. Eli

For years, I kept this “feeling” to myself, mainly because I did not have any religious or historical evidence to back this up, nor did I have any clear understanding of the Third Reich. All I knew were two things that this was not solely about racial purity and white supremacy. I was sure about that.

One day I was more fed up than usual and skimming through the TV, watching teenagers glorifying vampire cults and Vlad Dracula. This also disgusted me deep to my core. I remember saying to a friend, “This is crazy, Vlad Dracula was a real evil man who murdered many Roma just like Hitler,” and that was the moment my feeling turned from just a simple feeling to a real spiritual awakening.

I could not overcome the overwhelming sensation to put this into writing. However, I had no writing experience, nor could I even read very well. Nevertheless, I sat in front of my laptop and began to type. I had no idea where I would start or what would wind up on the page; all I knew was to type! Forty days later, I had the first draft of the novel The Last of the Magi. I would very much love to take credit for the story and all its theories. However, I truly believe I became a vessel for a higher power. Believe me, if you will, either way, I know that if you read it, you will agree that the story and its theories are eerily close to the truth.

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