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This story centers around Dr. Leigh Culver. She runs an urgent care clinic in Timberlake, Colorado. She moved here a year ago from Chicago and is loving the small town. The one thing missing in the town is her Aunt Helen, who’s a writer and loves to travel.

The Best of Us
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One day, seventeen-year-old Finn Shandon comes in with a sliced hand that needs stitches along with his dad Rob Shandon. Everyone in town knows Rob. The widowed forty-year-old pub owner. However, it is the first real encounter Leigh has had with Rob and sparks fly between them. Leigh agrees to a date which leads them to a passionate relationship. When her Aunt Helen arrives for a visit, Rob and Leigh steal short times together. They get alone during lunch or at night when Aunt Helen in with Sully at the Crossing.

Like Leigh, Aunt Helen loves the small town her niece lives. She’s able to sit quickly on Sully’s deck and write. But unexpectedly, Aunt Helen finds herself at the Crossing due to Sully himself being there. Both of them are older, but is it ever too late for love to bloom? It’s time Aunt Helen figures that out. But when Leigh has a problem of her own, can Aunt Helen finally put her foot down and let her thirty-something-year-old niece solve her problem on her own?

Leigh not only has to grow up and face the fact she has to make her own decisions but include Rob too. She must consider her life will never be the same. One thing Leigh knows is she might not be experienced with dating, but Rob brings out a side of her she never thought existed. Together, they make a couple that not only compliments each other but thoroughly enjoys each other’s company. This not only surprises them but forces them to step out of their comfort zones.

Did you think it was similar to Virgin River?

Meanwhile, Rob must come to terms with this new development with Leigh and decide if it’s what he wants. One thing is for sure it’s time for everyone to decide if Timberlake and Sullivan’s Crossing is home.

Overall, I thought this book was just okay. I’ve read Virgin River by Robyn Carr, and I thought this book was a carbon copy. From the scenery to the characters, it was extremely similar. The only difference was the character’s names! While I do love the atmosphere, Carr describes, once you’ve read Virgin River, you’ll want to stick with that book. This one isn’t a story that I can say I fell in love with and will read again. I thought it was predictable, and I really wanted more from the characters. At times, the dialogue felt forced.

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Title: The Best of Us
Author: Robin Carr
Pages: 362
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 2/5

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