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Being a Dad is hard, not hard like it is for a Mum, having to squeeze the little darlings out in the first place, but it has its own problems. These issues are magnified when it’s the school summer break, and you’re a “work from home” Dad, then there is no escape from the constant squabbling.

Dad Tired

After his two teenage daughters attempt to maim each other over a missing hairbrush, Sam Bertram decides he needs to take urgent action. Already suffering from severe sleep deprivation and an alarming dependency of coffee, his solution is a good old family holiday. With few options available, Sam has little choice in vacation destinations, but when a chance of a break to a classic English tourist destination arises, he takes it with both hands.

Whisking his wife, Erin, and two children away, what occurs over the following week is a holiday that they will never forget! Castles, a storm, wayward golf shots, a teenager in love and a rather unpleasant incident with a donkey, all leave the Bertram clan wondering if it may have been better to just stay at home. But even after everything the break can throw at them, they discover that nothing is as important as family.

Dad Tired is the hilarious debut novel from Lee Stevens and has already been given a multitude of 5-star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. Available as an ebook or paperback. 

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