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Ask by Amanda Baker also known as Ask: A Collection of Poetry, Lyrics, and Words is out now.

Ask: A Collection of Poetry, Lyrics, and Words
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We can be anyone we want, so why do we often choose to be mirror images of those around us? The Author, Amanda Baker, answers that question below.

I stopped writing when I was eighteen. Literally stopped. I cannot find any poems, lyrics, or journal entries from age eighteen to twenty-two. I started to wonder, “where did I go?” I began to look at my earlier writing and connect the dots that may help me understand my development. I always considered myself a well-adjusted individual. I was lucky enough not to undergo horrific trauma or abuse. I never really experienced anything too tragic, especially in comparison to what we hear on the news or even to clients who come into my therapy office. Despite a lack of direct experience, I always felt like I knew exactly what anyone was going through. In this book, I share my empathy, compassion, and understanding. I also share my own personal reactions to heartbreak, adolescence, fitting in as an outsider, and more. I account for why I stopped writing and, ultimately, my recovery to writing again—all through poetry, lyrics, and words.

This is not a book or message about finding myself or how to help others find themselves. This is a collection of time—a collection of growth on how to gain the courage to share when no one asks. We can be anyone we want, so why do we often choose to be mirror images of those around us? Why do we seek acceptance and validation or rebel in an effort to prove a point? Many get stuck, lost, and numb. At least I did. I had to ask myself the deeper questions that I love to ask others. I had to do the work because no one else was asking. By the end, I had answers. If you read this, I hope you do the same for yourself.

…..”I was always in that space between giving up and pushing on.”

I have to say this is the first book I’ve read in this format. At first, I was a little skeptical, asking myself if I’d enjoy poetry, lyrics, and words. The short answer is I DID, and I DO thanks to Amanda Baker’s book. I recommend reading one of her poems a day. The quotes in the novel are great, and so are the different poems. I love how each one is named and dated with an age too. However, my favorite ones were Butterfly Bandit and Enlightenment!

Meet Author Amanda Baker!

Author Amanda Baker is a mom, wife, daughter, and therapist in Baltimore, Maryland. She has been writing since the age of seven and continues to write to not only elicit freedom but also to inspire and connect with others. We all innately want to connect and feel recognized and honored. Amanda works with those challenged by mental health conditions and strives to recognize and honor her clients exactly where they are.

ASK: A Collection of Poetry, Lyrics, and Words is Amanda’s first published collection of her poetry and lyrics. During her downtime, she often spends time with her two-year-old son, Dylan, her husband, and her family. She enjoys yoga and is certified in Radiant Child Yoga. She is training for her 200-hour yoga teacher certification. Amanda would love for you to come and take a class with her! She also loves music, going to concerts, reading both fiction and nonfiction books, and lying on the beach.

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