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Alex Six
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Alexa and Francis were wealthy executives who had everything, except for kids. When he tragically passed away, she gave up hope for being a mother… until she met Vick Miller, a simple family man, and a nearly perfect doppelganger of her husband. She pays him handsomely for his donations to produce a child who resembles her beloved husband. The offers grow more enticing, and Vick’s marriage begins to strain.
Alexa wants his genes… his looks anyway. She is wealthy, attractive, powerful, and utterly obsessed.

He has no idea she is watching him.

This book was the ultimate thriller page-turner novel! I could not put it down as every page I was holding my breath. The character of Alex is the right amount of intrigue and sinister to grip you into Alex Six, while the twist with Vince at the end was pitch-perfect. I definitely recommend reading this novel. It’s so good that the three-hundred plus pages fly by!

Author Vince Taplin is an award-winning author and storyteller who has mastered the art of mashing subtle noir with modern thrillers. His characters are witty, promising, and believable, but never predictable. Vince is a serial entrepreneur with a contagious passion for life.

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