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13 Worlds by J.J. Hair is out now.

13 Worlds
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This novel starts in the first person where we meet Joseph. We learn his younger brother, Malek, was diagnosed with psychopathy. During a sleep paralysis event, Velda, warns Joseph that his brother will kill everyone in their family if he doesn’t stop Malek first. A warning Joseph chooses not to heed. We then go back to when the boys are in middle school, learning that Joseph has multiple personality disorder. This discovery leads the boys being transferred to another school. A tragic turn of events happens not too long afterward. Was Joseph able to stop Malek? Can Joseph control his personality? Read the book to find out.

Chapter 4 is when the book turns into a fantasy novel where Malek returns as an Emperor. We meet the crew of the starship Ranus. Their goal is to destroy Planet Rel. We go back and forth between perspectives meeting Culben, Lisa Fry, Dr. Johnson, along with Willis, Dean, Jameson, and Caroline Reeves. All the characters relate to the Ranus, and each has their own journey, but one thing that is coming is a pirate invasion. Will they take over? Again, you’ll have to read to find out.

My favorite part of this novel was going back and forth between the perspective of the different characters. It brings you into another world of reading, and not many authors tackle such a huge undertaking. However, I think the author J.J. Hair did a great job with it. The one thing I will say is when the novel does transition into a fantasy. I wish we had more direction that Malek is back, and the first part of the book relates to the second. Once you learn that it does connect, though, it is great. If you are looking to change up your reading and want a novella page length novel, grab this book up and add it to your TBR pile.

Meet the Author J.J. Hair!

J. J. Hair has always had a passion for writing. He wrote his first book when he was 18 years old; it was too short to be a full novel, too long to be a novella. While the storytelling was technically strong, the characters of his first effort were fairly two dimensional. What was the secret ingredient to making good characters? J. J. Hair would argue it was just living out life.

He worked as a Process Engineer for five years among different manufacturing companies. This involved interacting with a wide range of different personalities. It is in these personal interactions in life where we begin to ascertain what makes a character interesting. J. J. Hair has returned to fiction writing (with a current focus on science fiction) with the belief that his new book has improved both in prose and characterization.

J. J. Hair’s first published science fiction novella is 13 Worlds. It is currently a stand-alone book, but there is potential for expansion. He has written two novellas in the fantasy genre before 13 Worlds and will likely consider polishing these stories up for publication, assuming enough interest exists.

His writing takes inspiration from Robert Heinlein and Orson Card but brings his unique storytelling and characters to his novellas. His all-time favorite sci-fi novels are Red Planet and Ender’s Game.  J. J. Hair also takes inspiration from some of his favorite video games: the Final Fantasy series (VII, X, and XII in particular), Persona 3 and 5, and most Bioware-developed RPGs (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the Mass Effect trilogy, Jade Empire).

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