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The Lieutenant's Nurse
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This novel centers around Eva Cassidy, who flees her hometown in Michigan, harboring a secret. She enlists in the Army Corps as a nurse and is headed to work at Tripler hospital in Hawaii near Pearl Harbor. The problem is Eva has to leave behind a lot more than her secrets. She has to leave behind her sister, Ruby. Ruby is recovering from polio and trying to regain the use of her legs.

All the stress of Eva’s secrets she’s carried alone for years causes her to lose weight and almost herself. However, the trip on the Lurline to Hawaii seems like the remedy she needs to start fresh and leave the past tragedies behind her. Her world collides with Lieutenant Clark Spencer the second she watches him board the ship. He carries his own baggage of secrets as he works, trying to decode Japanese messages. Still, Eva can’t deny he’s familiar, and her attraction to him is undeniable.

The Lurline is large, but not large enough to stop fate from bringing these two together throughout their trip. Both feel the same for each other. But Eva has a sweetheart waiting for her in Hawaii. Billy. They’ve been together for a few years, and while most of their courtship took place in the form of letters, Eva decides she owes it to herself and Billy to see what’s really between them. What about Clark Spencer? Can she forget about him?

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Things get even more intense when mysterious when Clark picks up strange signals from Japanese ships out in the ocean. He believes they will be attacking Hawaii sooner than later. Can he get the information in the right hands before it’s too late? We know the inevitable does happen, and tragedy changes the islands forever. Will Clark and Eva survive? If they do, will they find each other again? Will fate give them another chance?

This novel had mystery, intrigue, and romance. The story was unique, and the characters were dynamic. I couldn’t put the book does from start to finish. Eva was an intelligent protagonist that was portrayed beautifully. I loved her and Clark together. Each character balanced each other, which is a hard thing to accomplish for a romance to be believable. The twists at the end were great too. I never saw what occurred happened, which I always love.

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Title: The Lieutenant’s Nurse
Author: Sara Ackerman
Pages: 335
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTarget, Books A Million
I rate it: 4/5

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