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This tie-dye two-piece outfit is one that I am so excited to share. First of all, it is tie-dye. Second of all, it is a two-piece outfit. The best part? It has pockets!

Tie-Dye 2 Piece Outfit
Tie-Dye 2 Piece Outfit is one of my favorite looks yet!

As many of you readers know, I genuinely love the two-piece trend. You get an entire outfit for the price of one. And my favorite part is that while wearing a two-piece, the outfit does the talking. I am not a huge accessory person, so I always try to find outfits where I don’t need to wear a lot of jewelry to make a statement. My favorite kind of outfits are ones I can grab my Jack Roger sandals and be done with my look. BUT still, be trendy.

Finding that kind of outfit is a struggle, though. You have to find the right fit. The right pattern, AND the right price. Seriously, how many times do you see something you LOVE online and then see the price, thinking, oh my gosh?! Yup that is me. I always find myself loving those pricey outfits but refuse to break the bank.

YAY or NAY to this Tie Dye Two Piece?!

Then there are the IG fashion illusions. You know what I’m talking about. You spot those gorgeous pictures of people in outfits on the gram, and you think, dang, where can I get that?! I do that all the time, only to find the outfit online and see it is actually bad quality. I have done that one too many times, always telling myself to search elsewhere before falling into the IG fashion illusions!

While browsing online, I knew I wanted a two-piece outfit. I decided to scroll through google shopping but couldn’t find anything that caught my eye. Seriously, there are so many two-piece outfits that they all start looking the same! I ended up on Shein. Yes, you know my guilty pleasure shopping website. I decided to search through their two-piece sets and stumbled upon this two-piece tie-dye outfit.

The colors caught my eye first. I love blue. It is my favorite color.

Then I saw the tube top with the high-waist pants and loved it even more. What sealed it, though, was the pockets! We all need pockets in our outfits, right?

Deciding on the size became the next struggle. I opted for a size medium because it said the two-piece had no stretch. When it finally came, I tried it on, finding it to be a size big. I rolled the pants for the photos, tucking king the top in, and they fit. However, I will need to get the top taken in.

My advice is that if you want to get this outfit to stay true to your size. No, there is not a lot of stretch in the outfit but get your actual size. I wish I had gotten a size small to have a snugger fit in the hips and the top. I feel with tube tops. You need them snugger. Still, the pattern, colors, pockets made up for it sizing being wrong.

I paired it with my favorite Jack Rogers sandals, and my look became complete. What do you think of this tie-dye two-piece outfit? Would you wear it? Do you love pockets? Let me know in the comments below!

Tie Dye Outfits FAQ’s!

Tie dye always has a mark in the fashion world. In 2020 and now 2021 tie dye is everywhere. From two-piece outfits to loungewear to comforters it is all about tie dye!

Simple is what looks good with tie dye. You can pair a denim jacket over a tie dye shirt. Jeans are always a go-to with a tie dye jacket. You can even leave tie dye to speak for itself and wear it all over!

White. White is what holds the colors best. But if you have other colors that have light dye in them you can tie dye those as well.

I get asked what shoes do you pair with tie dye? Whether it is a dress, two-piece, or loungewear set, a solid shoe is best. It can be a simple sandal, tennis shoe, or wedge. The color just needs to be solid and neutral in color.

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