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Three Women Disappear by James Patterson is also co-written by Shan Serafin, who did a phenomenal job in this collab with Patterson! This book centers around: the chef, the wife, and the maid, aka Sarah, Anna, and Serena.

Detective Sean Walsh arrives at a bloodied crime scene of a mob boss, Anthony Costello. Detective Heidi Haagen is there too and is more than suspicious about Walsh. Mostly since his wife, the chef, is missing. Walsh is adamant his wife is innocent, but where is she? Sarah is gone, and so is her co-worker, the maid Serena, and Anthony’s wife, Anna. Is he dead set on finding Sarah because he is a dotting husband, or is there more to the story?

Meanwhile, we get to read chapters from Sarah, Anna, and Serena’s perspectives.

Three Women Disappear
Three Women Disappear is available on Amazon!

Sarah is on the run wanting to start a new life. She is desperate to leave the past in the past, but what happened to Anthony cannot soon be forgotten. She, Serena, and Anna are tried together for life, but in what way?

As the mob boss’s maid, Serena knows things that went on with him that no one else does. After all, Anthony thought she was ‘just a maid who barely spoke English.’ The truth is just because Serena is a maid does not mean she cannot also achieve her dream of being a lawyer. Who is after Serena for what she might know? Meanwhile, Anna, as Anthony’s wife, has a price on her head too.

Being a mob boss wife comes with consequences because now that Anthony is gone, the mob cannot allow Anna to have all his money. Or can they? Each woman has a secret, but it is how far they are willing to go to keep it. Anthony Costello was far from being a fair man when he was alive, let alone when he is no longer around. The three women must stick together and, in the meantime, keep looking over their shoulders.

Everyone wants to find Anthony Costello’s murderer, but they also want something from the three women as well. Find out what it is when you read Three Women Disappear by James Patterson.

Overall, I enjoyed this Patterson read.

Three Women Disappear is available on Amazon!

It is not too long—251 pages—and it has a gripping, original story. Three Women Disappear is not your typical murder solving Patterson read. The three women’s perspectives are refreshing because it gives us another look at the mystery plotline. I did NOT see the twist of the whodunnit character or characters at all when I first picked up this book! It was a fabulous twist!

The three women suffer a lot as characters, but I love how we get to watch them rise. Each character develops, and brings something original to the plotline. Bottom line they are strong women. My favorite character has to be Serena. I love how Anthony Costello characterizes her as being ‘just a maid.’ But she proves that labels are just labels, and being a maid does not mean you cannot be a lawyer.

I recommend this James Patterson read because, again, this is not your typical Patterson novel. The twist, the characters, the setting was something I have not seen before. It also pulled me out of my reading slump, giving me a book read that I got through in a day!

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