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The Woman at the Front by Lecia Cornwall Review is here. First off, thank you, Berkley Publishing, for sending me a free copy of this novel. The second I got this book, I moved it to the very top of my TBR and started reading it right away. I have been in a historical fiction mood lately, and I haven’t found a historical book that enticed me enough to read it at full speed ahead.

Historical Fiction book review
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Well…until I came across this book!

The Woman at the Front centers around Eleanor Atherton and takes place in World War I. Immediately, I have to say that I find it hard to get historical books that take place in WWI. Usually, they are all set in WWII. I also loved that Eleanor was a doctor. Again, this is another unique aspect of this book. I haven’t read a book set during that time about a female doctor. I realized why too. Women doctors weren’t allowed at the front, but Eleanor is a character who changes that to an extent.

Her love story was gripping, and the raw and realistic scenes set this book apart from other historical reads I’ve read. Author Lecia Cornwall captured the struggles of war and the emotions during that time. There were heartbreaking twists in this story that were original too.

Overall, I recommend getting a copy of this book. It is something different and truly gripping for the historical fiction genre. It not only captures the characters but the background of war, making it a character in itself. I think my favorite part of the story was that Eleanor was a doctor and never gave up on standing up for herself in a world that men defined. In the end, we all need support, and at times of true struggle, we don’t judge. We accept.

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