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The reason I love to read is simple. I love going to entirely different worlds. Reading allows me to feel as if I am living an adventure. It doesn’t matter if it is make-believe or realistic—reading makes me believe in the impossible.

Celebrate reading
Let’s celebrate reading!

What I love most about reading is each book is unique in its own way. There is never one writing style—yes, some can be similar—that is truly like another. When I open a book, I love going on a characters’ journey and feeling as if I am living it right beside them. There is truly is something magical that happens when you read—something no one can take from you. When you are reading beautiful writing, you live a whole other life, even if it is for a few days. The stories stay with you forever.

I have my favorite authors—James Patterson, Mary Kay Andrews, Nicholas Sparks, Brigid Kemmerer, Karen McManus—but what I love is that even with their books, each one is unique. They are constantly harnessing new voices and new plots in a way that makes me excited to read their new books.

What’s your current read?

Reading has opened my world, and I never can say enough to my readers how one book can honestly change your life. I still remember the day I curled up on my bed and read Twilight for the first time. While Meyer’s writing style is not a top 10 favorite of mine, she captures the voice of not one character but all of them, along with the setting of Forks, which changed my viewpoint. It made me want to write a world untouched by others and bring them there through the pages.

How about you? What is it about reading that changes your viewpoint? How many books do you aim to read in a year?

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