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The Queen of Tuesday by Darin Strauss Review is here. This novel is a mix of non-fiction and fiction centering around the beloved I Love Lucy actress, Lucille Ball. The story of the book goes that the author’s grandfather had an affair with the Lucille Ball years ago. We get taken back in time in this novel, where we visit America’s sweetheart in an entirely different light.

The Queen of Tuesday
The Queen of Tuesday is based on Lucille Ball…are you an I Love Lucy fan?

It all starts at The Beach at Coney Island, where Isidore Strauss meets Lucille Ball for the first-time. He is captivated and hardly able to recall proposing to his wife on Coney Island after becoming enchanted with Lucille. One thing leads to another, and their first kiss is something Isidore cannot forget or wants too. This essentially propels the story. We see Lucille struggling in her career and in a rocky relationship with Desi who’s wandering eye never stops.

In a bid to earn their place in Hollywood, the Arnez’s go from city to city with a mockup of what eventually will be turned into I Love Lucy. It is during one of these performances Isidore and Lucille meet up in her dressing room having a memorable rendezvous that neither will forget. This causes a rift with Isidore, who struggles with his guilt because he believes there was nothing wrong with his marriage to Harriett. But if it was perfect, why did he cheat?

Meanwhile, Lucille goes about her life getting whisked up into the fame of I Love Lucy and having her first child with Desi. Years go by before Isidore and Lucille meet once more in L.A., leading to a few days that will last the two of them a lifetime. Will that be the end? Will they find each other again? You’ll have to get your copy of this novel to find out.

The Queen of Tuesday by Darin Strauss is amazing!

This novel takes you on a journey of Lucille Ball. We get to see her life in front of and behind the scenes in her personal life. It will also pull you into Isidore’s story of his life, marriage, and career.

Overall, this book was one unlike any other I’ve read. It was a fun, sexy romance novel mixed with areas that were so real I felt like I was on the set of I Love Lucy. Seeing Lucille Ball cast as a character in this book was awesome. I really enjoyed reading her as a character at events, and her dialogue author Darin Strauss created I felt was spot on.

It was a fast read too. I read it in a day and a half! I loved how the story came about and the pieces Darin Strauss put from his perspective in his novel. How he essentially interwove his grandfather’s voice in this book was amazing. I don’t think I’d ever be able to create such a masterpiece. Well done.

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Title: The Queen of Tuesday
Author: Darin Strauss
Pages: 315
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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