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The Paris Apartment Review is here. This book is my April Book Pick, and I had so many bookish besties join me to read it this month!

So, what is The Paris Apartment about?

Paris Apartment
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The Paris Apartment is told from different POVs—Jess, Ben, Nick, Mimi, The Concierge, and Sophie. Jess goes to Paris to join her brother, only to find him gone. He is not in the apartment, and instead, she finds his broken St. Christopher necklace wedged between a wooden floorboard. She also swears she smells the faint smell of bleach, so where is her brother? What happened?

Jess is not close with Ben, so trying to figure out if her brother is missing or if he just left is something Jess must figure out. But the more she digs into what Ben was doing as a new investigative journalist, the more secrets she uncovers. Jess becomes convinced something really bad did happen to her brother, and will she be next in diving into her brother’s secrets? Meanwhile, the apartment building holds more dark shadows than anywhere. She is always being watched, and no one in the apartment building is telling the truth. But Jess must learn what they do in order to save her brother? But can she save Ben if she never finds him? Or is this all a miscommunication?

My thoughts? WARNING: Spoilers ahead…

I have to say this book, for me, was just okay. I was not a huge fan. It was my first book by Lucy Foley, and I just wasn’t as captured by the voice in this book as I expected. I did not like how there were SIX POV’s. It was so hard to get into the characters at the beginning that I almost wanted to stop reading. I did think their voices were unique to the characters, but there were so many. They also weren’t really characterized. For example, Jess was a bartender but had no common sense when it came to not talking to people. She gave away too much information to the point I was like, JESS stop talking! Lol I wanted her to be characterized better.

The twists were just okay, nothing special either. When the ‘whodunnit’ mystery was revealed. It felt too convenient. It felt like all these twists were conveniently put into to tie this whole thing up. For example, Antonie ends up shooting himself with an antique gun that is in the penthouse. We learn about the antique guns in a not-so-subtle way, so it allows that part to tie in.

Have you read The Paris Apartment? Thoughts?

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