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Dearest Readers, Let’s talk Bridgerton! I have been getting so many messages about Bridgerton, so I wanted to come on here and chat all about both the series on Netflix and the books!

Series thoughts:

On Netflix, Bridgerton is one of Netflix’s most-watched series! At first, I was a fan of season 1. I absolutely LOVED the costumes and how the period drama had such a fun, unique twist. But I wasn’t a fan of the storyline in season 1. I wanted to see stronger female characters and a stronger storyline.

Season 2, though—knocked it out of the park! I absolutely adored the Sharmas, especially Kate! She was such a strong character who revitalized this series for me. She and Antony had great chemistry on-screen, and it really drove the storyline. I was also such an Eloise fan. She is a gem and added much more depth to the series. Penelope is another character I love and how she has those original Whistledown twists. But overall, yes, I am a fan of season 2!

Are you a Bridgerton fan
Are you a Bridgerton fan??

Book thoughts:

The Duke and Me, admittedly, I was not a fan of book 1. I did not like the characterization of Daphne. I wanted her to have a strong voice, and overall I did not get that from her characterization. I did not like how her only goal in the book was to be with Simon.

Book 2—I’m currently reading. So far, I am enjoying it more than book 1. I again really enjoy Kate’s voice and her resilience. I will definitely read more books in the series now that I have found the strong voice of Kate in the books. I love her banter and the scenes with Antony in the books, too, and wish we saw more of those moments translate to the series!

If you’ve watched the series or read the books, let me know! I would like to chat with you all about the world of Bridgerton!

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