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The Long Way Home by Rob Bauer is out now.

The Long Way Home
The Long Way Home is out now.

This is the poignant story of an unorthodox relationship that saves two people on the verge of giving up on life. Set in a declining, working-class town in 1980s America, The Long Way Home is a brilliantly introspective story of the struggle to find happiness in a life full of disappointment and unfulfilled hope.

Larry Edwards is 43 years old and lives in a declining, working-class town in 1980s America. He thought he’d be married with his own family long ago but instead remains single with only the memories of failed relationships to haunt him. He’s also the guardian for his headstrong nephew Anthony but feels he’s failed as a parent as well. All Larry knows about is baseball and cars. All Anthony wants is an Atari and a VCR.

Anna Nicholson is estranged from her family and trapped in an abusive relationship. With her youth fading and her life heading nowhere, Anna’s despair has her ready to give up. Fate will bring Larry and Anna together, but their inner demons threaten to combine and sabotage their relationship before it can save them both.

Meet the Author Rob Bauer

A story of hope amidst the despair of lost dreams and declining opportunity, The Long Way Home is a book meant for those who struggle to find happiness in relationships or fear that they haven’t lived the life they imagined.

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Rob Bauer was a college history professor for many years. He writes a history blog at, where he blogs about the historical influence of things as diverse as Martin Luther King, Jr., leaded gasoline, fascism, and mosquitoes. His interests outside of teaching and books include baseball, running, and enjoying the beach. He still aims to finish a marathon one day.

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