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The Last Savior by Jalleh Doty and Pari Adli is out now.

Everyone has ideas. Some ideas come and go. Some stay consistent. Some people just want questions answered for the issues that they are puzzled by and desire answers. So let me ask you, the reader, this? What would happen If Jesus Christ came back to the modern world? Forget the figure that was chronicled in the bible, but embark on a journey of who Jesus the human being, activist, philanthropist and who discovered how to fully go beyond the boundaries of the mind as he ‘did’ cultivate miracles. 

So start with the story The Last Savior book 1. We come to the future, where the world is much changed. World War 3 is in effect, and humanity wonders if it will survive. But it doesn’t stop there. Environmental catastrophe, social upheaval, and a corrupt system have also lead to the dissolution of humanity as well. 

In a part of the world that many have forgotten and forsaken, a hero is born. His journey starts in the midst of chaos and unfolds as an unlikely hero’s rise to help him. Villains will fear him, and humanity, in general, will welcome him, yet some will judge him. For this is a journey where no one person will have a story to tell, but those around him will witness his journey, his struggles and triumphs, and much more.

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