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It’s the holiday season, so that means it’s time to start reading Christmas novels! My first Christmas novel I chose to read is The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan. The story takes place in December from the point of view of Suzanne (The mom), Hannah (the eldest sister), Beth (the middle sister), and Posy (the youngest sister). The McBride sisters are heading home to Glensay in the Scotland Highlands for the holiday season. Something that hasn’t happened in two years.

The problem? This time of year is challenging for the family as it is also the twenty-fifth anniversary of a tragic climbing accident that left Hannah, Beth, and Posy’s parents both killed. Adopted by Suzanne and her husband Stewart, none of the McBride sisters nor Suzanne can forget the accident. They are anchored to the past. Suzanne suffers from survivors’ guilt, Hannah never allows love in because her dad never let her feel loved back, while Beth tries to control everything with her kids, and Posy tries to care for Suzanne to make everything go smoothly.

The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan
The Christmas Sisters

This year Suzanne is determined to make Christmas perfect with all her girls there. However, Hannah arrives early, harboring a life-changing secret. Beth suffers a crisis in her personal life, and Posy questions what she wants out of life which gets more complicated by a handsome logger. It’s a whirlwind novel that will have you turning the page, reading from the sisters and Suzanne’s point of view.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. This was my first Sarah Morgan novel, and I have to say what an easy read it was. I will say I had to get to Chapter 3 until I really got into it. I thought the first chapter was a little confusing as I didn’t have a clear picture of the plot of the novel. I was also a bit confused about the ‘nightmare’ she had, as I had no idea what accident she was talking about. However, as you start reading through the sisters’ point of view, it reveals a lot more.

Sarah did a fantastic job knowing the different personalities of the sisters, as well as Suzanne. They were fresh and heart-felt personalities. I really got to know each character which I liked the best. I see a lot of authors struggle with telling stories from different points of view. Sometimes it doesn’t feel authentic or the feelings feel off. But not with Sarah. Each character is distinct and written brilliantly.

My favorite character of the book w as Posy!

My favorite sister was Posy. She was fresh, spunky, and hard-working. I enjoyed Hannah’s character next and could feel her struggle as the novel progressed. My favorite part of the book actually involved her and the airport. You will have to read the story to know which scene I’m talking about. But a little hint is I am a romantic at heart, so when you read the scene comment or write-in to tell me how you liked it!

Another significant part of the book I enjoyed was the ending. It includes my favorite line in the novel. It doesn’t give too much away, so I’ll add my favorite quote below!

“It occurred to her that the only thing that really mattered was having people you loved in your life. Even when those people were shrieking and stuffing snowballs down each other’s necks as Posy, Beth, and Hannah were doing right now, family was what matters. She was grateful for hers.” -Sarah Morgan

Below you will find where you can purchase the novel. Overall, I recommend picking up this book for a Christmas read. I read it in a day! Want your novel to be featured next? Contact me!

Title: The Christmas Sisters
Author: Sarah Morgan
Pages: 437
I rate it a: 4.5/5 STARS

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