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Tangled Love by Brianna Owczarzak is out now.

Tangled Love
Tangled Love by Brianna Owczarzak is out now!

Sarah Simmons is tired of being alone. She longs for a lover who will ignite a fire inside of her and make her feel a way she has never felt before. Sarah finds herself juggling two very attractive men as a way to escape her dad’s recent cancer diagnosis. But she knows she can’t have them both. She is torn between her childhood best friend and the sexy nurse on her dad’s medical team. Her sexual encounters numb the pain she feels, but only temporarily. Sarah takes these men on an adventure of pleasure, sorrow, and tragedy. By the end of the journey, none of their lives will ever be the same.

This romance novel is one romance lovers won’t be able to put down. Sarah is a great, relatable character who takes us on her journey of essentially finding out who she is. I kept going back and forth between Charlie and Tim, although I was always a Tim fan. Being able to see both romances though and how different author Brianna Owczarzak was able to craft the characters was awesome.

Meet Author Brianna Owczarzak!

Author Brianna Owczarzak is a digital journalist and author of Tangled Love. She has a B.S. in journalism from Central Michigan University and an AAA from Delta College. Aside from writing, Brianna enjoys spending time with her very large extended family and traveling the world. She lives in Michigan with her husband and their dog, Edgar Allan Paw.

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