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Storybook, Inc. by Parker Pace is out now. No sooner is clinically depressed heiress Mica Psmith expelled from the twelfth grade than the principal of her high school offers her a unique proposal. She can graduate on time if she enrolls in a secretive boarding school whose motto—The program will change your life or your money back—seems all too vague.

In spite of reservations (if there’s one thing she doesn’t care for its meddling, and Principal Goodman is a meddler), Mica enrolls in the program, setting into motion a bizarre series of events. Though at first, the tricks seem harmless, the events grow increasingly more interconnected and dangerous. Alone except for her traveling companion, Roman, Mica begins to fear for her life.

Storybook, Inc.
Storybook, Inc. is out now. Have you read it yet?

Terrified of the growing possibility that the program is little more than a theatrical con game, or worse, of the very real possibility that it is a death plot, Mica and Roman risk everything to uncover the truth. But is Roman really watching out for Mica, or is he tied to the criminals tracking her every step?

This thriller book was a great read. The pacing was spot on as well as the mystery. It was a book I couldn’t put down. The character development was also really well done. Mica and Roman were both very interesting characters. However, I will say, Mica was my favorite because I really liked how strong she was throughout the story. I won’t give spoilers away, but I will say if you like a good mystery with characters that keep you guessing, then this book needs to be your next read. I definitely recommend checking out Storybook, Inc.

A message from author Parker Pace:

‘Hi, I’m Parker!  I was born in the UK, but Seattle is my home.  More than anything, I love to read.  Give me a good book, and I don’t care about the rest.  I also love live musicals and the theatre.  It fascinates me to see a story come to life.  For me, there’s nothing like it in the world. The last musical I saw was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  They don’t play that one as much as they used to, but it has a beautiful score, and I highly recommend it.’

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