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Sin and Zen by S.W. Stribling is not your typical American in Europe love story.

Sin and Zen
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Will Strief is a former French Foreign Legionnaire parachutist who is medically discharged after being injured in service. Having lived and survived in one life, he now finds himself in the most hostile territory he has ever been in chasing drugs, alcohol, and dangerous women while trying desperately to be a better man. Young, broken, and lost in a foreign country. Will must find himself quickly or risk being lost forever. This writing is Fante’s Arturo Bandini meets Camus’s L’Etranger in a new voice taking the reader through the modern-day struggles of life with an attitude of ‘just jump and hang on for the ride.’

Author S.W. Stribling is a former Airman, Legionnaire, and English teacher.

Meet the Author of Sin and Zen

He has spent as much time creating stories as he has writing them. This first novel is loosely based on his own personal experience with enough liberty taken to call it contemporary fiction. Having always had writing in his life as a form of therapy and being the broken soldier that he is, S.W. Stribling has fully committed to what he believes to be his role in this play of life…a writer.

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