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I am always up for a thriller novel that I cannot put down. Lately, though, I have been in a reading slump, and nothing has really caught my eye. The plotlines haven’t been gripping enough, and I have been really disappointed, especially in the thriller genre. I find I know the ending before I am halfway through the book.

Shiver by Allie Reynolds
Have you read Shiver yet?

When I saw Shiver (no this is not Maggie Stiefvater’s novel), it immediately caught my eye, and I thought, since it is January, why not get a book set in the wintertime I could curl up and read. Oh my gosh, did I curl up and read! This book I read in a DAY, and it is EVERYTHING!

Seriously, I am still thinking about Shiver!

Shiver by Allie Reynolds centers around Milla, Curtis, Dale, Heather, Saskia, and Brent. In the present day, Milla gets an invitation from Curtis to go off-season back to Le Rocher. She only accepts because it is from Curtis, but when she arrives, she finds out the others were invited too. The same bond they formed when training for a snowboarding competition a decade ago is still present among the group as well as the same darkness, a tragic event that never has been forgotten. Saskia, Curtis’s sister, mysteriously vanished the very day of a competition the group had been training weeks for. Was she murdered? Did she decide to leave on her own? No one knows because her body was never found.

I could NOT put Shiver down!

The moment the group arrives at their quarters, though, they realize something is wrong. It gets worse after an icebreaker game leads the unanswered questions of Saskia’s disappearance to resurface. It is no secret that everyone had some vengeance when it came to Saskia. Each has a secret they do not want anyone to know involving Saskia.

The game reminds them all Le Rocher is the last place they should have agreed to go, but it is too late to do anything about it. Their laptops, phones, and any communication devices have disappeared. Who is after them? As they struggle to find who within the group is playing this unsettling game of uncovering their secrets, it becomes clear. No one is leaving without the mystery of what happened to Saskia being solved.

The question is will they survive long enough to reveal their secrets?

No one can trust anyone, but what if you have to have blind faith and trust the very person who might be a murderer? Find out when you read Shiver.

Shiver by Allie Reynolds
What is one word you would use to describe Shiver?

As an avid thriller reader, I give this a HUGE 5 out of 5 stars! This book got me out of my reading slump. From the characters to the plot to the scenery to the voice to the mystery—Shiver is a homerun. Allie Reynolds is a phenomenal author. She knocked her debut book out of the park. There are two storylines (present and ten years ago). At first, I was like, no. But then I read the first chapter, then the next, and the two timelines MADE this book. It added such a great twist that I would not have been able to love this book as much without it.

What made the two storylines so great is they beautifully and effortlessly went along with the present timeline. I have NEVER read a book that did two timeframe storylines so easily. It was great.

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The second thing that made this book was the snowboarding storyline. I have NEVER been snowboarding and have no idea about the snowboarding world. But not knowing a thing about it did not hinder the storyline. Allie Reynolds wrote this book if you are or are not involved in the snowboarding world. I will say now, though, she has me wanting to take a much-needed vacation to the snowy mountains to try snowboarding! I will be rereading this book again.

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Have you read Shiver by Allie Reynolds? Have you done a Shiver by Allie Reynolds Review? Share it with me and let me know your thoughts. I cannot wait for another book by Allie Reynolds!

Shiver by Allie Reynolds

It centers around a group of snowboarding friends who meet back up after a decade. Secrets come to light about a former member who disappeared. Was it murder?

Thriller book FAQ

This is entirely my opinion, but Allie Reynolds, James Patterson, Stephen King, and Michael Connelly.

A thriller is all about the protagonist and the villain giving and taking. One pushes while the other pulls. A suspense is all about the tension in the plotline and the possibility of what can happen. Suspense can be found in any genre.

Mystery suspense, horror suspense, and narrative suspense. There are other because suspense can be found many genres.

Authors build suspense by getting raising questions to the reader AND withholding key information that will keep the reader interested. What the protagonist wants needs to be achieved by the end of the book or looming questions will lead to a bad ending.

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