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Trend Alert Matching Two Piece Set is a trend I have joined. This is literally my most favorite outfit right now. I cannot stop wearing it! Matching sets are all the rage again in 2021, and I am definitely apart of the trend now. The two piece sets match on the top and bottom. They are essentially two pieces of clothing that look like one outfit.

Trend Alert Matching Two Piece Set
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My pink and blue matching two piece set trending on Instagram has everyone on my page talking. I got so many emails about this outfit that I could not wait to share all about it. This outfit I first saw when I was browsing two piece sets online. I have been wanting to get in on this trend for a while but could never find one I was in love with to purchase.

When I saw the matching two piece set pink and blue color combination along with the gold buttons, I KNEW I had to order it. Let’s face it, it was time for me to finally get in on this ‘it’ trend!

Where is from you may ask?

It is from Shein known as the button up crop fluffy knit cardigan & skirt set. It was my very first time ordering from Shein. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to place my order because I wasn’t sure if the quality would be there. Everything on there is SO affordable AND cute. I thought it was too good to be true. Also, I was not sure about the sizing. BUT it was on sale for only $23! I figured I could not go wrong with trying out this outfit. After all, some two piece outfit sets online are 5x’s that price.

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In the end, I took the jump and ordered a medium. I usually wear a size small or size medium. However, I decided because it looked to be more form-fitting, I would go with size medium. I am so glad I did! The size medium in this two piece set fit me perfectly. It wasn’t too big or too small. I had enough room where I was comfortable in this outfit. The top and bottom fit in unison too, meaning that the top on me fit me like the skirted bottom.

I paired this outfit in a casual way, and went with my rose gold and gold Jack Roger sandals. They matched the buttons and gave this look a trendy twist that this Florida girl cannot stop wearing! I can see now why so many people wear it. You do not have to think about your outfit, which is something I really enjoy, especially since I am always on the go. Reaching into my closet, grabbing an outfit that is already complete is something I officially love.

Have you tried this Trend Alert Matching Two Piece Set look?

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Two Piece Set FAQ

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