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Out of Chaos by Natalie Nascenzi is out now.

Out of Chaos
Out of Chaos by Natalie Nascenzi is out now.

What happens when the greatest battle you fight is in the mirror? Out of Chaos is a unique collection of poetry that combines the art of storytelling with personal reflection to explore the ongoing battle of the mind. This story of mental health will take you on a personal journey from start to finish. The author uses metaphors, traditional rhyme flow, alliteration, and assonance to paint a descriptive picture of each emotional topic–doubt, insecurity, duality, loneliness, hope, and the human connection. Each poem is different, but together, they complete an entire journey that encapsulates the single message: out of chaos, there is change.

I loved every poem in this novella, but Morning Coffee was my favorite. The verses were great as well as the imagery. Overall, the rest of the collection within this novel I thought was original and refreshing. It was honest. That isn’t something that can easily be achieved but I think Author Natalie Nascenzi did just that, allowing us as the reader to feel what she felt. In her own words it was like ‘each one was frozen in the moment it was written.’

Below is a message from Author Natalie Nascenzi.

Meet the Author Natalie NAscenzi
Meet the Author Natalie Nascenzi

Hey there! I’m Natalie. A poet, copywriter, and author living in Manhattan, New York City. My days revolve around seeing the sun, writing in random places, and wandering the city. I’m a total word nerd. My love for alliteration, word play, and rhyming patterns is displayed loud and proud through my writing style. If you’re interested in “dancing with words” then you’ve found the right poet! 🙂

I like to believe that a sentence is like a symphony…to which the words should dance; with each other, off of the page and around in your mind.

My goal is to inspire others, promote hope, and deliver the message: No matter what you go through, you are not alone. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and a shoulder to lean on.

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