One Day in December by Josie Silver Review

One Day in December by Josie Silver Review

This book centers around Laurie and Jack, who take us on their decade long journey of love, heartbreak, fated meetups, and fated breakups.

One Day in December
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Laurie is sure there is no such thing as love at first sight, except in the movies. Then, out of nowhere, she spots a guy on a bus and knows immediately he is her one true love. Is the feeling mutual?

Before she can find out, the bus drives away, taking him with it. Laurie is left not knowing who he is or where he lives. She spends the next year going to bus stations to find the guy she knows is her true love. When she does unite with him again, it is at a Christmas party, and he is the boyfriend of her best friend, Sarah.

Is there such a thing as finding your one true love? What if time isn’t on your side and true love really is a myth? You can find out when you read One Day in December.

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Overall, I loved this novel. Yes, it is cheesy, but it is Christmas, and I love overly cheesy romance novels. The character of Laurie was my favorite. She was relatable and fun. I loved the love interest, Jack, too, and enjoyed reading this novel from both of their perspectives. The novel’s length was on the longer side, 450+ pages, but the good thing is the pages go by fast. If you are wanting a good holiday read to cuddle up, I definitely recommend reading this!

Shoutout to Random House for sending me this novel!

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