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Marta Cleans Up by Cyndia Rios-Myers is out now. It’s also known as Marta Cleans Up: Book One of the Housekeeping Detective Series.

Marta Cleans Up
Marta Cleans Up is out now.

“Life has been too monotonous for forty-year-old Chicago-based maid and divorcee Marta Morales. Marta is a Hispanic maid – easily overlooked by clients, the owner of the cleaning company she works for, and anyone else who might see her in uniform. Outside of work, Marta does not have much going on, as her son is no longer with her, and her ex-husband started a new family. Marta’s family lives in Puerto Rico, which is quite far from Chicago, Illinois.

While cleaning an attorney’s office one day, Marta stumbles on a cell-phone video that changes everything. The incriminating footage brings skeevy attorneys her way, as well as a couple of handsome police detectives.

Treachery coming from the cleaning company she works for, puts some cogs into Marta’s new life, but even that can’t stop Marta’s reawakening. With the help of new friends, clients, and her brother (who lives in Puerto Rico), Marta decides to clean up the untidiness of her professional life and is ready to make her own way. Marta starts her own cleaning business.

When a new friend encounters a threatening stalker, Marta dusts off skills she shelved long ago – those of a woman who, long ago, used to be a police officer.”

The sequel to book one is Marta Bleaches Everything – Book Two of the Housekeeping Detective series. 

Meet the Author!

Cyndia Rios-Myers is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based writer of mysteries, women’s fiction novels, novellas, as well as essays. Her life of constant moves throughout the USA and Puerto Rico, six years’ experience in the Navy, a degree in business, and volunteer work for different charities gives her a lot of expertise to pull inspiration from.

Cyndia enjoys reading women’s fiction, mystery novels, autobiographies, and books on forgotten history. She also enjoys running, bird watching, long hikes, binge-watching TV series, spending time with family, and anything that can muster a good laugh. You can keep up with her musings on her website, on Facebook at, or on Twitter at @criosmyers.

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