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Interview with Author G.S. Eli I am super excited to be featuring this exclusive interview with the author of The Last of the Magi releasing April 16th. If you haven’t already read my exclusive look into this book, CLICK HERE.

Meet the Author
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What inspired you to start writing The Last Magi?

I noticed that the Roma (Gypsy) people had no role models, no one to look up to or inspire to be like. So as a filmmaker, I realized that fictional role models could give the same inspiration as real ones—i.e., James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, etc. etc.

Did you always want to be a writer?

I always knew I was a Storyteller; The Roma is a folktale driven people, and we have storytelling in our blood. So, it’s just natural to me. 

How did you feel when you finally finished the novel?

I don’t know because I don’t feel the story is ever finished. But I’ll let you know after book 3.

Are you currently working on another novel?

Yes, I am working on the second installment of Magi. The working title is “The Lost Tomb,” and I am working on a spiritual guide called the “The Soul Trained” to go with my new podcast that has the same name.

Is there something in particular about the fantasy genre that made you decide to write a fantasy novel?

Two words. “Star Wars” I was a big fan, and it helped me through a very difficult childhood.

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