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Fat Chance, Charlie Vega
Charlie Vega is such a great addition in the YA genre!

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega centers around Charlie Vega. A teenage girl with an amazingly fun personality. She dresses great, is funny, and dreams of having her first boyfriend. Her best friend Amelia has a boyfriend, is popular, and thin. It’s that last adjective where Charlie and Amelia differ. Charlie is on the plus size of clothing, and even though Charlie tries to overcome it. It is hard, especially since her mom cannot accept Charlie’s full figure.

Her mom leaves diet shakes on the counter, only buys food low in calories that Charlie hates, and won’t even let Charlie eat certain foods. Above all, she reminds Charlie how heavy she is, which strikes Charlie deeper than she likes to admit. Her mom used to be fat and cook good food, but after her dad died. She dropped the weight, joined a gym, and refuses to let Charlie be okay with weight.

Amelia helps Charlie, never seeing Charlie as plus-size, and always encourages her.

But Amelia is skinny, and Charlie thinks she cannot ever truly understand her insecurities. When a popular boy asks Charlie to a dance she thinks everything has changed in her life. But when that boy actually only wanted Charlie there to bring Amelia, Charlie again gets her confidence struck down.

It takes Charlie time to overcome that blow, vowing to only ever be with a guy where she comes first. So when a guy in her art class, Brian, starts paying Charlie attention things change. They go out, and it is the first boy she has ever called a boyfriend. He likes Charlie for Charlie. Or so she thought until she learns he actually asked Amelia out first.

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Coming in second stings, especially when it’s to your gorgeous best friend. Charlie doesn’t realize that no one is perfect and everyone has their struggles no matter what they look like on the outside. Will Charlie overcome coming second to Amelia again when it comes to a guy she likes? It’s a coming-of-age novel about a girl accepting who she is without anyone telling who she can become. Will Charlie find her way? Or keep letting others decide her fate?

I have to say, Fat Chance, Charlie Vegas by Crystal Maldonado is a book I was not expecting.

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega
Seriously, this book has such a great voice!

It is a good thing too. The voice in this book is unlike any other book I have read recently. Maldonado wrote this book upholding such a vivid voice with Charlie that I could not get her out of my head. I could feel her emotions, and most importantly, her struggles.

The plot was fast-paced and moved along, and the characters were very well-developed. My favorite character was hands down, Charlie Vega. She is great in so many ways. I loved how she tried to always rise above the hurt done to her. Brave to Crystal Maldonado in writing a book I will not soon forget!

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