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Faith Taking Flight
You gotta have faith to be your own superhero!

Faith Herbert is just a normal, everyday teenager with two best friends, Chess, and Matt. She loves volunteering at All Paws on Deck, working with Dr. Bryner, and living with her Grandma Lou. However, when her friends go to Georgia during the summer and Faith is left behind. She gets lonely and joins an online role-playing game where she meets Peter. He persuades her to go to a camp where Faith is under the impression it’s a superhero camp.

When she gets there, though, it is nothing that she expected being only referred to as a number.

Fast forward to the beginning of school, and Faith blocks out the fact she discovered she could fly over summer. Instead, she dives into her obsession with The Grove. A television show that has been on forever and one that Faith is a die-hard fan over. She even runs her own popular site dedicated to all things Grove.

Her small town of Glenwood gets a surprise when the production moves to the town, making Faith and her friends ecstatic. What’s even better is when the star, Dakota Ash, and Faith hit it off. They get along great, but Faith also has a crush on her school friend Johnny. Will Faith decide to take a stand a declare who she has feelings for? It all gets put aside when something eerie in Glenwood starts to happen. Dogs, homeless people, school friends, are all missing…or taken. Who’s behind this? Moreover, who’s behind a new drug circulating around the town?

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Faith starts using process of elimination to find out who’s behind the disappearances and the popular drug, but this puts her at risk. She could lose not only her friends, her grandmother, and the town. She could lose her life. Will she be able to stop everything before it’s too late?

This novel puts a twist on becoming a superhero. Faith is a great, strong, loving protagonist. Not only does she stand tall regardless of her size. Faith is unwavering when making decisions. If you’re looking for a fun, YA read add this to your list. It reminds me of I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee. The characters are great and well-rounded, and the plot has so many twists, I read it in a day!

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Title: Faith Taking Flight
Author: Julie Murphy
Pages: 338
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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