Love and Theft by Stan Parish Review

Love and Theft by Stan Parish Review is here.

Love and Theft
Which character was your favorite?

This novel centers around Alex Cassidy. He’s the leader of a well-known robbery crew. His team just finished completing a jewelry heist in Las Vegas, where footage was taken and uploaded to YouTube by a young bystander. While the video goes viral, Alex lays low, but not low enough to escape the gaze of Diane Alison. She’s a local caterer in Princeton, New Jersey, and their chemistry is instant.

However, they’ve met before, and that revelation changes everything. But when passion is ignited, the flame won’t be easily extinguished. Therefore, Diane agrees to go to Mexico with Alex for a few days with her son Tom. Little does anyone know, Alex’s daughter, Paola, is already there. Will Paola and Tom hit it off like their parents?

The most pressing question is, will Alex decide to give up his life of thievery for Diane? It’s a question that, when answered, puts everyone’s life in danger, including Alex. No one is safe, but the mastermind behind everything is someone no one expects. Who will survive and who will die? That’s the question Love and Theft will keep you asking each page you turn.

Meanwhile, you will get taken on an adventure from Las Vegas to Mexico to Europe all in one book! With twists, turns, and secrets, this book will keep you on your toes until you read the very last page!

Love and Theft
Have you read Love and Theft?

I was so excited when Doubleday Books gifted me with a copy of this book. It is unlike anything I’ve read before. It’s an Ocean’s Eleven meets a Patterson novel with mystery, secrets, and romance. The descriptions were great, and I loved the dialogue of the characters. Author Stan Parish really knew his characters, and each one had a distinct voice that intrigued me to keep reading until the very end.

My favorite character was definitely Diane because of how she grew into her own throughout the book. The ending and final scene were what secured her as my favorite character. As far as my favorite part of this novel, it was actually the heist itself at the beginning. It was fast-paced, action-filled, and I loved reading about what different people were doing during that time. It was very well done.

If I could pick one thing, I wanted more of it was the storyline of Tom and Paola. I wished we got even a few pages to see how their storyline wrapped up. But overall, this is a novel that I am so glad I read because if you know me, you know thrillers is one of my favorite genres. This book was an expected favorite.

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Title: Love and Theft
Author: Stan Parish
Pages: 272
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 4.75/5

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