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Book Review: Mary Kay Andrews The Newcomer is here, and let me say that this book is one of my all-time favorite Andrews novels, and that is saying a lot. For those readers that are not aware, I have an entire shelf dedicated to Andrews novels…I blame it on Hello, Summer. It was my first-ever Andrews novel, and her writing style pulled me in headfirst. Since then, it was terrific, and I have not looked back since adding more of her books to my shelves.

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I give The Newcomer 5 stars!

First, let’s chat about WHY this is my all-time favorite Andrews novel!

  1. The characters.
  2. The plot.
  3. The mystery.
  4. The cover.
  5. The writing style.

In short, this book did not disappoint.

It centers around Letty, who at first I wasn’t sure if I would like, but by Chapter Two, I was definitely sold on her character. I LOVE her so much. She really brought this story alive along with her niece, Maya. Letty takes Maya from New York after finding her sister murdered and gets as far away from Maya’s father as possible. After all, Letty’s sister warned her that Maya’s father was responsible if anything happened.

Letty decides to stay in Treasure Island, Florida, at the Murmuring Surf Motel with Maya. Everyone knows everyone, but Letty decides to keep a low profile to keep Maya safe. But what happens when her eyes catch Joe? The son of the Murmuring Surf Motel, who also happens to be a cop. Will he find out who Letty is and that she is a suspect in a murder investigation? Will the Florida beaches turn out to be as relaxing as what it looks like on a postcard? Find out when you read The Newcomer because I already have! 😉

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I would love for you to comment if you have The Newcomer or any other Mary Kay Andrews book. Currently, as I am typing this blog entry, I am onto Sunset Beach!

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