A Vow so Bold and Deadly

A Vow so Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer Review This is the final installment in the Cursebreaker series. We come back to Rhen, Harper, Lia Mara, and Grey, reading chapters from the various protagonists’ perspectives. You can get your copy on Amazon today! Rhen remains in Emberfall with LilithContinue Reading

The Connection

The Connection by Dana Claire Review This novel centers around Beatrice ‘Bea’ Walker. Bea moves back to her hometown with her dad after several years away and no recollection of her final moments with her mother. She rekindles her friendships with her two best friends and catches the attention ofContinue Reading

Come Tomorrow

Come Tomorrow by Tess Thompson Review This novel centers around Luci Quick, who cannot forget a boy who saved her life on Christmas Eve when she was young. The thing is, he disappears before she has a chance to find out more about him. After Luci’s mother suddenly passes away,Continue Reading

Sisi's Alpine

Sisi’s Alpine Christmas by Soleil Review is here. This holiday novel centers around Sisi, who is in her mid-thirties and decides after losing her job to escape during the holidays. She opts to go to a small town in the Italian Alps, picking a place that is very picturesque. WhileContinue Reading