American Blasphemer by John Matthew Gillen

American Blasphemer by John Matthew Gillen is out now.

American Blasphemer
American Blasphemer by John Matthew Gillen is out now!

Would you dance with the Devil at a rock and roll show?

Even if she wanted to kill you?

American Blasphemer is the story of a lovesick writer named John, who moves to NYC to escape his dysfunctional family after getting dumped by his girlfriend.

An epic literary novel written in the tradition of Denis Johnson, Charles Bukowski, and Hunter S. Thompson, each chapter delivers new characters and unforgettable experiences – a knife fight with a sex addict, a psychedelic family Christmas, a Cathedral burning in Manhattan, a midnight visit to Elvis’s grave, and more.

This harrowing journey through American carnage culminates in a showdown with a tattooed witch and warlock who try to get John to join their coven after meeting him at a concert in Times Square.

“This is a book that I could not put down. This book is crude, grotesque, vulgar, and brutally honest. I think every person claiming to be a Christian should read it.” – NetGalley Review

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Meet the Author
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At ten years old, Author John Matthew Gillen was sent to a Christian summer camp.

Campers were allowed one elective activity. Out of four hundred campers, John was the only one who chose Storytelling. The camp director asked him to choose another class so they wouldn’t have to offer Storytelling that year.

John refused.

Since then, he has been fired for writing poetry at work, cussed out by the Chief Clerk of the United States Supreme Court, and has spent over $10,000 on tickets to Bob Dylan concerts.

In addition to writing and directing short films in New York, John’s work has appeared in literary publications, including The Laurel Review, Storgy Magazine, and The New Guard Literary Review.

His favorite authors include Jorge Luis Borges and Hank Bukowski, and he harbors a deep reverence for Martin Scorsese.

Manhattan is his home.

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