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22: The War of the Gods by Manuel Martinez and Phyllis Barash is out now. Through the pages of this exciting novel, we will find out that the world was created by 22 Gods who created the different human races to use them to increase their power.

22 The War of the Gods
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By playing a game created by the Light and the Darkness, we watch the Gods use the 22 Major Arcana Cards of the Egyptian tarot as a method of increasing their power and control over all the human race. In the middle of all this power struggle for control of humanity, there is an unknown political and economic group named SCAN that controls all the power resources on earth.

When Denise Richards, a front runner to the presidency of the United States, confronts SCAN by challenging them, they have no choice but to kill her. In this fascinating novel, past, present, and future are intertwined. Readers will discover the times of Jesus Christ, Pythagoras, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Hitler, and Martin Luther King, among other influential historical figures, to determine which tarot card was played by each to please the Gods in this long-lasting war between the Light and the Darkness.

Overall, I found this novel a pleasant, gripping surprise. Yes, it is over 700 pages! However, the story itself holds your attention throughout the book. I love how Martinez and Barash were able to intertwine religion with politics in such a way I had to keep reading. I will say, do not let the page count sway you against reading this book. This story was truly original and one that needed to be told. I’m so excited to have gotten a copy of this book sent to me and am even more excited to you to read it too!

Author Manuel Martinez was born in Madrid, Spain, in May of 1957. Martinez obtained a BS in Political Science and Sociology at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He graduated in 1983 from the Graduate School of Thunderbird with a Master’s Degree in International Business. After graduating in 1983, Manuel joined The Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. Manuel worked there for five years and reached a Second Vice President position. In 1988, Manuel moved to Miami to work for American Express Bank International.

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Joined American Express Bank as a First Vice President and eventually reached a Senior Vice President position. In 1993 Manuel moved to Shearson Lehman Brother as a Senior Vice President Portfolio/Investment Manager. After leaving Shearson, he opened his own International Business Company, Worldwide Consulting Group, Inc, in which he developed different investment/advisory capabilities working for AXA Advisors and various Swiss Banking Institutions.

Artistic Activities. Manuel has written 6 Theater plays and 6 books. Manuel’s first play was “The Adventures of Don Quixote in Miami,” which opened at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach in October of the year 2000. Manuel founded along with Yolandi Hughes, the “Dreamers Theater” group. They operated for 3 years, the Dreamers Theater, located in Coral Gables, Florida.

Fellow author Phyllis Barash was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has traveled extensively. She lives in Miami Beach, Florida. Ms. Barash is an actress, playwright, author, producer, director, lyricist, lecturer, artist, and tango dancer.

Meet Phyllis Barash
Meet Phyllis Barash

She has had ten plays produced in the South Florida area, including five children’s plays commissioned by the Coconut Grove Playhouse. They were presented in schools throughout Miami Dade. Ms. Barash’s musical play, “The Sheepdog That Danced Ballet,” with music by Barry Butler, has had ten productions since it premiered at the Royal Palm Dinner Theater in Boca Raton, Florida. It was performed with ballerinas at Artistree in Hutchinson, Kansas, three years in a row, at the historic Fox Theater. Her highly acclaimed play, “Schumann, the Soul of a Romantic,” was produced in Hollywood, Florida.

She has also written, directed, and produced interactive murder mysteries and wedding shows for corporate events, fund-raisers, and private parties. She has performed in numerous events at various schools and the Miami Children’s Museum. Ms. Barash has been a lecturer on the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas.

Her amazing book, “The Tango and I…The Life and Loves of Jorge Nel Giraldo,” is a biography about the life of her first tango teacher, who was born in Columbia.

Together with Manuel Martinez, Phyllis has written the bestselling novel, “11…The Secret Code”, that has been translated into Spanish and published by Random House, with distribution throughout the United States, Buenos Aries, Spain, and Mexico. Ms. Barash and Mr. Martinez’s remarkable new book, “Nostradamus…My First Novel” has just been published. They are currently collaborating on “22…The War of the Gods.”

Ms. Barash communicates in many diverse and creative ways. She leads a fascinating and magical life and believes each day brings extraordinary opportunities. Her passion is to share her whimsical and unique visions. She has recently written a play for the North Miami Beach Police Department on safety for children. It will be presented to schools in the fall.

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