The War of the Gods

22: The War of the Gods by Manuel Martinez and Phyllis Barash is out now. Through the pages of this exciting novel, we will find out that the world was created by 22 Gods who created the different human races to use them to increase their power. By playing a gameContinue Reading

The Best of Us

The Best of Us by Robyn Carr Review is here. This story centers around Dr. Leigh Culver. She runs an urgent care clinic in Timberlake, Colorado. She moved here a year ago from Chicago and is loving the small town. The one thing missing in the town is her AuntContinue Reading

Hunted by Monique Gliozzi

Hunted by Monique Gliozzi is out now! Peter Steil is a fugitive.  A man wanted not only by the US and Swiss authorities but also by a grieving widow. On the run from justice, he creates a new identity, reinventing himself as a helicopter pilot in a small alpine skiingContinue Reading