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The Sea Glass Cottage
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This novel centers around the Harper family: Juliet, Olivia, and Caitlyn, along with Copper Vance.

Juliet is the mother of Olivia and the grandmother of Caitlyn. Her husband, Steve, died years ago, leaving her a widow to two young daughters: Natalie and Olivia. Natalie rebelled after her dad passed away, and after getting pregnant at a young age, died of an overdose not long after giving birth to Caitlyn. She never said who the father of the baby was, leaving Juliet to step in as the mother. Not only did Juliet have to deal with a new baby, but she also had to deal with reviving Harper Hill Home and Garden that her late husband left in shambles financially. This left no time for Olivia, whom Juliet decided could take care of herself since she never had any problems with her.

Fast-forward, and Olivia is now in her late twenties living in Seattle far away from Cape Sanctuary and everyone there. After witnessing a horrific crime in a coffee shop where a guy on drugs beats the barista for money, Olivia is struggling with dealing with confined spaces. It is then she gets a call from her best friend Mel that her mother is in the hospital.

Olivia rushes back to the town despite her mother’s protests and comes face to face with her childhood crush, Copper Vance. He was Natalie’s best friend growing up and is the new fire chief of Cape Sanctuary.  With her mother Juliet in the hospital, Olivia has to deal with the garden center and Sea Glass Cottage. Her paths start cross with Copper more and more. This awakens something in Copper and Olivia, making them see they do have feelings for each other. But with Olivia only back in town temporarily, is that something worth exploring? It’s a question they must answer for themselves.

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But what’s really on Olivia’s mind is Caitlyn, who has pulled away from her Aunt.

Caitlyn is fifteen, and after reading journals from her mom, Natalie and Olivia, Caitlyn despises her Aunt for things she wrote. Jake, her best friend, tries to tell her Olivia wrote the stuff in them years ago, but Caitlyn is stubborn like all Harper women. Instead, Caitlyn tries ignoring her Aunt and focusing on finding her father—a revelation that will rock not only the Harper family but everyone around her.

It isn’t the only revelation that changes the history of the Harper family. Juliet comes to terms with her a diagnosis, but she still must decide even after four years if she is ready to share the news. Things get even more complicated for her when her good friend, Henry Cragun, is viewed more than just a friend to her. Will the Harper women band together and finally speak the truth, revealing their hearts’ true desire?

Overall, I thought this book had the bones to be a phenomenal, moving story. I really enjoyed the description of the seaside town and the character’s background. But it fell flat for me. The relationships, I wanted more out of them, to feel more connected to them, and the story itself dragged. It lacked progression and was painfully slow-moving. I think if the book moved at a faster pace and added more depth to the characters this would have been at the top of my TBR. What did you think of this novel? Have you read it?

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Title: The Sea Glass Cottage
Author: RaeAnne Thayne
Pages: 372
Where to Purchase: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Books A Million
I rate it: 3/5

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