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The Wrath of Horus by Catherine-Schaff Stump is today’s featured read! I’m so excited to share more about this book and chat with you all about it!

First, I have to say, look at this cover! I love the purple with the character on the front! It made me curious to find out more about The Wrath of Horus. Second, I always get asked about what genre the books I feature are, and this book is dark fantasy. I will also add that this book is the 3rd in The Klaereon Scroll Series, so if you do read this book out of order, be sure to check out the other books in the series.

Have you read The Wrath of Horus
Have you read The Wrath of Horus

Now without further ado—The Wrath of Horus centers around Gregorius Klaereon. Greg is focused on his Trial with the god Horus and doesn’t care who sees his aggressive temperament. What everyone can see, though, is how different he is from his brother Lord Marc Klaereon. On the eve of the Klarereon birthday celebration, Greg fights with his cousin, and in the midst of their brawl, a reality shard gets activated, sending both of them, including Marc, to Abyss. Greg finds himself alone with no powers in this realm, facing the god of destruction Set. Marc tries to unite with the others and save Greg to reach the Golden City, but can they find a way home in time?

Find out when you get your copy of The Wrath of Horus.

For those who have read it, be sure to comment or message me your thoughts. Shop The Wrath of Horus on Amazon too! I’d love to chat with you all about it. You can also find out more from the Author Catherine-Schaff Stump on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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