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Royal by Danielle Steel Review is here.

Royal by Danielle Steel
Royal by Danielle Steel is one of my favorite Steel Novels!

This book starts during WWII, centering around the royal family of Britain. The King and Queen have three daughters: Alexandra, Victoria, and Charlotte. Charlotte is the youngest and suffers from asthma. She gets attacks every day due to the bombings in the city, casting dust and debris into the air.

Reluctantly her parents decide to send her to the country to keep her healthy. Seventeen-year-old Charlotte goes under an alias name and arrives in Yorkshire, where only the Hemmingses’ are aware of her true identity. Their son, Henry, is oblivious, along with the staff and Lucy, another girl, Charlotte’s age, staying at their home after her parents died in a bombing. It is during Charlotte’s stay that she and Henry fall in love.

After tragic events happen at the Hemmingses’ estate, an infant is left with no guardian. Lucy steps in and takes the child in as her own, pretending she is a war widow. She decides to hide the baby girl’s natural heritage. Years pass, and Lucy is now working at the Markham’s massive estate. She meets Jonathan there, who is in charge of the stables.

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Years later, Annie’s identity becomes exposed. Will Annie even want to meet them? After all, Annie only has one love: horses. All she wants is to be a jockey. When the handsome Anthony Hatton comes into her life, can she decide to have two loves? Royal is a story of family, secrets, royalty, and being brought home.

Overall, this is perhaps my favorite Danielle Steel novel! I loved everything about this book—the plot, the characters, the backdrop. I loved it all. My favorite character was Charlotte. How Danielle Steel wrote her as a royal but also allowed readers to connect with her as a commoner was perfect. I enjoyed her romance story, as well.

Danielle Steel has a way of capturing characters through generations, and she did it again with Royal. The characters were well-rounded, and how she described the different backgrounds of the characters was great.

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Title: Royal
Author: Danielle Steel
Pages: 272
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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  1. Victoria Staffordsays:

    Hi Carly! Thanks for this great review. You said this is your new favorite Steel novel, which was your favorite before this? I’m trying to find out which of her books people think are the absolute best 🙂

    Thanks, and keep up the awesome reviews!


    1. Hey Vicky!
      Thank you so much for your comment. My favorite one before this was The Wedding Dress! I’m reading Daddy’s Girls next too!