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Rebel Homemaker by Drew Barrymore is more than a cookbook. It is a lifestyle cookbook. She writes about how she feels, lives, and cooks. Drew not only talks about what is important to her and how she lives her life, but incorporates her love of food. Drew cooks up some delicious recipes that make this lifestyle cookbook amazingly rebellious compared to other standard cookbooks. 

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Rebel Homemaker is filled with pictures, which is what I like most about this book. There are up close and personal pictures of Drew, her kitchen, and of course, her recipes. Drew took most of the photos in this book herself, which I thought was very clever. Without professional photos, this cookbook could come across more like a family photo album. Drew’s pictures make the book feel warm and friendly. She was not afraid to look “normal” like me, which brought me closer to this book because it was easy to relate to her.

Her introduction is almost poetic as she brings our attention to what she loves and hates about food and cooking. Drew put in a section called  “Thirty meals in a Lifetime.” I thought this was unique. I loved reading it because she shares the best meals she has ever eaten from all over the world. 

Drew also has her own cookware line that she talks about in this cookbook with pictures of all of them; and honestly, I want to buy some of her small appliances. I thought it was wise to share with her readers that she is a successful businesswoman.

She wrote this lifestyle cookbook during the pandemic to make sense of our changing world. Drew questions why things are the way they are and if our world will permanently adapt to new things in new ways. Drew Barrymore’s Rebel Homemaker is a form of self-discovery that she found during the pandemic—along with a major move from one coast to the other, a divorce, and raising her two daughters. From chickens to gardens, cats, and her daughters, Drew shares with us her way of coping in today’s world, while living healthy and happy. And of course, delicious recipes from her kitchen. 

Rebel Homemaker by Drew Barrymoore

Genre: Cookbook

This cookbook Drew wrote during the pandemic. She shares with us recipes and co-wrote it with Pilar Valdes. Each recipe has a back story to go with it.

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Another plus about The Rebel Homemaker is how she co-wrote it with Pilar Valdes, her culinary partner and friend. Together they created all 36 recipes in this book. Both share a passion for cooking with their original flavorful recipes. I like how Drew gives a back story to each of her recipes, whether it be the healthy benefits of making her All Greens: Spinach and Watercress Soup, or the cultural and culinary practices in other parts of the world like her Sunrise Quinoa Porridge. 

Rebel Homemaker by drew barrymoore
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However, Drew’s recipes are a little more complicated than her book’s whole feel, which is my only criticism. Her book has a joyful, homemade, laid-back, simple feeling, and the recipes are more sophisticated than what the book betrays. I admit it did throw me off when I started to look at the recipes because I was expecting her dishes to be more casual to match the book’s aesthetics. 


All in all, I give Rebel Homemaker by Drew Barrymoore five stars. I really liked it. I thought Drew Barrymore did a great job writing this book. Pillar Valdes was a great complimenting partner to help compose her recipes. Again, I contemplated giving her book a lower rating because I felt the recipes were too sophisticated and did not match the book’s vibe. However, I think the recipes are genuine, original, and flavorful. I walked away inspired by Drew’s energy and found this book very enjoyable and entertaining.

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