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So if you’re like me you always wear heels everywhere… the one problem, well their heels and after sometimes even thirty minutes your feet start to hurt in your shoes. Depending on the day I can deal with it but sometimes I just want my outfit to still look cute, even in flats.

Shoes: Tieks!
Shoes: Tieks!

I came across Tieks, the best invention for shoes… EVER! Literally, the metallic gunmetal color is my first pair and I can’t tell you how amazing they are! I fold them in half (yes they fold) & they fit perfectly in my purse! I bring them with me everywhere! I take off my heels and take my Tieks out and they always go perfectly with my outfits! The best part of the flats are the bottoms! The color is amazing and reminds me of Tiffany’s! 🙂
I always get asked if they are actually comfortable since they fold and they are so comfortable! I recommend them to everyone because I was too in fact surprised at how comfortable they were!
They pair perfect for fall which is why I’m glad I got this color, but I could use another pair and I shall be getting a more trendy pair next time! 🙂
So if you’re like me and are always on the go and always in heels of some sort, pick out a pair of Tieks because they are perfect with every outfit and amazingly comfortable! Forget the heels in a day I go straight to Tieks! 😉

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