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Tonight is Shark Week for 2019! For those who didn’t read my previous article, this is the first year I’m advocating for sharks. I stumbled upon an article and after reading the scary statistics on sharks, I hope every reader of my mine joins in.
Did you know in the last 200 years, the shark species in the Mediterranean Sea has declined by 97%? Total over 100 million sharks is lost every year. Sharks are also the most threatened vertebrates on Earth.

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel

Get your Shark Week gear on and tune in tonight to the Discovery Channel. It’s time to support sharks and save them before it’s too late. Today, I am by wearing my Vineyard Vines tee. You can go to my INSTA to see more too.
Many of you wrote in about how your favorite part of Shark Week is the Discovery Channel’s special. Well, tonight it is ON! Write in and tell me how you like it after it airs! I will talk to you all on Snapchat!
xoxo- Carly-Rae

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